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GLOBAL SUPPLIER is part of the Elcee Group and gives you direct access to metal components from all over the world. Manufactured according to individual specifications or requirements, and at a cost that can withstand any comparison. From the simple to the complex – from the largest to the smallest.

GLOBAL SUPPLIER is an international outsourcing service bureau with a strong global network. We offer production, assembly, packaging and transportation with maximum process security, assurance of quality, and secure delivery.

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Global Supplier offers you easy and risk free outsourcing, ISO approved by DNV.

Global Supplier has successfully used global outsourcing to reduce overall production costs for our customers. Our Company has a wide range of resources to bring your ideas from its initial to manufacturing stage.

You can get casting, forging, welding, CNC machining and plate work done easily by our outsourcing services.

Simple or complex, Global Supplier has the knowledge and the expertise to meet all of your metal fabrication needs with a level of quality that will meet your expectations.

Global Supplier is the first and only outsourcing company with an ISO 9001 quality management system certified by DNV.

Save from 30% to 85% on your components, with finished machined casting from China and Eastern Europe!