You can save production time and labour costs in your own workshop with Global Supplier as outsourcing partner when installing your components.

When installing the standard parts of the structure, you can also save money on labour and logistics costs, if you leave these functions for us to handle as a package solution.

Choosing a mounting service or partly completed installation service with us gives you and your company more benefits. Financially, you can reduce the number of purchase orders as well as inventory and capital costs significantly. At the same time you also get an advantage, when mounting work is done early in the value chain, because we detect possible problems at an early stage which would not be found with an ordinary input inspection. Problems can be corrected early and quickly, thus avoiding significant additional costs.

In our group, we have our own specialised hydraulic workshop with everything in the modern testing facilities, allowing us to run tests or conduct inspections to the highest standards. The mounting can be performed in either Europe or in the Far East.


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