Forging is a process that minimises the risk of material deficiencies or problems such as cracks in the goods.

Instead of welding together several parts, the forging process can in many cases be used to produce more complex constructions, which at the same time are stronger than the usually very time-consuming welded and machined parts.

By choosing forging as the manufacturing process for relatively complex shapes, you can also reduce the component’s weight.

Forgings can relatively easily be optimised for mass production, making it possible to produce large quantities of forgings in a relatively short period of time, at competitive prices. Forgings can however rarely compete with castings on price, but there is less risk of failure and cracks in forgings than in castings.

Global Supplier can supply forgings made from various materials, including steel, stainless steel, and gunmetal.

Finished products

We can provide a finished product with different kinds of surface treatments, such as hot-dip galvanizing, sand blasting, and painting or powder coating. If your product requires installed components, such as ball bearings, grease fittings and similar parts, we can also help you with this.

The best price

Even with relatively small and complex orders, you are guaranteed access to the absolute most competitive prices because we run large volume productions of forgings in countries where costs are low.

A large part of the cost of forgings is the labour cost for making tools. By producing in low-cost countries,expenses can be reduced with up to 70 to 80 percent compared to producing in the EU, making it financially attractive to forge smaller series.

Forged items

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