Background and business areas

Global Supplier was founded in late 2005. We started the company based on our extensive knowledge of production and design of hydraulic components for offshore structures. With great practical insight into how to survive as a small/medium-sized business in a global market with fierce competition, we quickly became a significant outsourcing partner.

We prioritise that all of our employees come from companies that have worked with outsourcing. All employees of Global Supplier contribute knowledge and practical experience from the metal industry, gained in companies related to the production of components in the Far East and Eastern Europe.

Our primary business is outsourcing of cast and machined metal components from first-class suppliers in China, with material certificates and approval appropriate for the particular class.

A rapidly growing success

Our long-term relationship with the offshore sector have given us specialised knowledge in terms of quality assurance and enabled us to achieve reliable delivery. Therefore we have been growing rapidly, and in 2013 we reached over 2,000 tonnes produced components per year, at the group level.

In 2008, Global Supplier Stockholm AB started up, which serves the Swedish industrial market.

During 2009, the quality management system was implemented in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001 requirements, and in early 2010, Global Supplier ApS in Denmark was certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for the supply of metal components.

Global Supplier thus became the first and only ISO certified outsourcing company in Scandinavia. We have since maintained and expanded our quality management system which is an important step in our expansion strategy.

In 2012 we started Global Supplier Poland Sp. z o.o. located in Krakow, which serves the Polish market with sales, procurement and project management in Eastern Europe.

The next addition came in 2013 when we started up Global Supplier GmbH, located in Flensburg. This branch of the company serves the German market.

with the aim to serve our customers better, faster and more efficiently in the future, Global Supplier was acquired by the Elcee Group, with headquarters in Dordrecht, the Netherlands at the end of 2017.

Today, Global Supplier is a modern and successful company which from its unique position in the market serves all types of businesses with cost reduction and increase of capacity through easy and risk-free global outsourcing of metal components and machines of high quality.

I am convinced that your business will be more than satisfied with our risk-free outsourcing solutions.


Take my word for it and try us!


Anders Nielsen, General Manager